Because every living being deserves clean water


I use to be a runner 15 years ago.  When I say runner, I mean I was a sprinter on my HS track team.  I ran at the most the 400 meters in a track meet.  Otherwise, I was running the 200 meters and 100 meters.  The most I have ever ran consecutively was 1 mile.  So, for me to commit to running a 1/2 marathon means something must be really wrong.

Last year our church had the opportunity to participate on a running team for World Vision.   World Vision is known for many wonderful reasons, but this specific purpose was to raise money to help supply clean water to children in Africa.  I wanted so bad to be part of such a wonderful event, but my schedule that weekend didn’t allow for it.  Honestly, I was kind of relieved, because I knew I would never commit to it and did not want to let anyone down .  Well this year the opportunity came back up.  I had the chance to hear a gentlemen speak about World Vision and the cause.  He himself, ran all the way from LA to NY to raise money for the same purpose.  You read that correct, he ran from LA all the way to NY.  That’s west coast to east coast.  He told a story about a trip he took to Africa, where he watched a young girl (I think he said was around 7 years old) carry a 50 lb bucket 3 miles one direction and fetch dirty water from a river.  She then turned around and walked back the same 3 miles carrying that full 50 lb bucket back to her family.  This was not something she did once a week.  This young child carried that bucket 6 miles every day. Hearing that story broke my heart.   He then showed a video of those young children.  I was so overcome with emotion that I started sobbing, almost uncontrollably, in church.   I could feel this tugging at my heart.  It was definitely the work of the holy spirit because anyone who knows me, knows that is not something I would normally do.

So here I begin my journey, well our journey.  My wonderful husband has committed to do it too!  Last week I officially signed up and registered for the race.  Training does not technically start until Monday, June 13th, but I know myself and I know that I will need all the training I can get.  Craig and I actually began training last week, but with all the rain Kansas City had, we were limited on days we could run.  World Vision supplies you with a training schedule, so that is where we started.  Today is day 8 of our training.  Today I was motivated and excited.  It is already getting easier.  Matter-of-fact, we ran the same schedule as last week but 1 minute faster and and ran a further distance. I was also able to do a cool down at the end this time.  Another plus, I wasn’t crying at the end of the run 🙂   Those simple progressions were so encouraging.  I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow.

I committed to running the 1/2 marathon for my first year.  That’s 13.1 miles.  I still don’t like seeing those numbers!  Thinking about running that far still freaks me out, but I know my strength comes from the Lord,so I have faith that since He brought me to it, He will bring me through it.  My personal goal is to raise, $1550.00.  That gives 31 people clean water for a lifetime.  Every $50 gives one child clean water for a lifetime.  The donations go straight to Team World Vision.  I am asking for the support from others to help me achieve this life saving goal.  Every human young or old deserves clean water.

I will list my donation page below for support.  I will continue to post updates as the training continues!  Thank you for reading.  Cheers!

*I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  – Philippians 4:13


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